I help busy, Christian women over 40 carve out time for self-care so they can:
· Lose the weight
· Improve health numbers
· Have more energy
· And most importantly finish the work God has called them to do!

Are you ready to lose the weight and keep it off through the power of God’s word and the Fruits of the Spirit?

Welcome! I am Cynthia Keith Holland, your Christian health coach. I am also a mom of 4, wife of 26 years, and Bible teacher of wellness classes for women of faith for over 10 years! I started the “Fill My Cup Lord, Not My Plate devotional series” to build healthy bodies in the body of Christ. Since we are more than conquerors, why is it so hard to finally get this healthy eating and weight loss thing under control? Over the last ten years, I have paid for dozens of programs, spent thousands of dollars, and worked with hundreds of women. For myself, I found out exactly what does and does not work to lose the weight and keep it off. Most of all, I discovered that, like all things, the word of God contains the answers if we “rightly divide the word of truth” and apply the same power that “raised Christ from the dead” in our healthy eating journey!


  • Lose weight by eating the foods you love and that love you back
  • Find Joy in the movement and exercise that brings health to your body and mind
  • Make peace with food and yourself so you overcome cravings and stress eating

Are you ready to reach your health goals with the help of your sisters in Christ and the word of God?

Our 13 week group coaching program uses the Fruit of the Spirit to help you

Ready to lose the weight and grow your faith?

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